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NorCal Perlite: A Journey Through Time

Welcome to the historical timeline of NorCal Perlite, where innovation meets legacy. As you scroll down, discover the milestones that mark our evolution from a small perlite provider to an industry leader. Each step in our journey reflects our commitment to excellence, growth, and adaptability.
the foundation v5

The Foundation

  • Founding Visionaries: Dennis Clarke and Michael Vukelich, the CEO and Founder of Color Spot Nurseries, establish NorCal Perlite, capitalizing on a built-in customer base.
  • Early Growth: Despite a strong start, a pivotal decision leads Dennis Clarke to buy out Michael’s shares, steering the company towards independent operations.
1990 expansion

Expansion and Independence

  • New Horizons: Acquisition of a second expansion machine marks the beginning of a new era, expanding business opportunities beyond the initial Color Spot affiliation.
steady growth
1990s & 2000s

Steady Growth

  • Horticultural Dominance: Dennis Clarke, founder of NorCal Perlite faced a variety of difficult challenges as the Company began to grow, such as maintaining control over the ore and land. Thanks to his vision, Dennis was able to solidify NorCal’s position in the Perlite industry, gaining a majority of the horticultural business on the West Coast which sparked a steady growth period for NorCal.
securing the future

Securing the Future

  • Land Acquisition: Purchasing 15 acres in Richmond, NorCal Perlite secures its operational base, ensuring long-term stability and growth.

Legacy of American Perlite

  • Strategic Acquisition: NorCal Perlite acquires American Perlite mine, embracing and continuing the legacy of the Duncan family and their Redco Perlite operations.
tech advancement

Technological Advancement and Expansion

  • Innovation in Mining: Implementation of a state-of-the-art Crushing and Screening system at the American Perlite mine. This allowed for better quality ore and an increased capacity to sell more volume to the outside market.
  • Norcal Perlite opens its southern division in Bakersfield SC, implementing two more furnaces. This expansion allowed not only closer access to the mine but the South Carolina market.
East coast expansion

East Coast Expansion

  • American Perlite of South Carolina: Expansion to the East Coast to better serve the bi-coastal needs of customers, exemplifying the company’s commitment to adapt and grow with its client base.
commitment to quality

Commitment to Quality

Perlite Ore Dryer Commissioning: Introduction of a Perlite Ore Dryer system to ensure the highest quality and consistency for NorCal Perlite’s products and American Perlite’s national customers.

Together, We Shape the Future

Welcome to Norcal Perlite, where your aspirations meet our dedication. Together, we forge ahead, pioneering the future of building materials, revolutionizing industries, and leaving an indelible mark on the world. Join us on this extraordinary journey, and let's redefine what's possible, one perlite solution at a time.
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