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Dive into Norcal Perlite’s exceptional range of Absorbents, Pool Base, and Cement Perlite Solutions. Our meticulously engineered products are at the forefront of versatility and efficiency, catering to a wide spectrum of applications. Whether you’re dealing with spill clean-ups or constructing lightweight mixes, our specifically graded perlite ensures superior absorbency, lightweight benefits, and insulative properties. Each grade is uniquely crafted to elevate your project, providing tailored solutions that meet your exacting demands.


N-30: The Dynamic Absorbent

N-30 is your go-to solution for effectively solidifying a broad spectrum of spills, ensuring easy and safe disposal. It’s the preferred choice for sludge solidification across various sectors, including water districts and refineries.

Thanks to its porous structure, N-30 boasts an impressive ability to absorb 3-5 times its weight in liquids. The varied particle sizes (8 to 200 mesh) enhance its absorption efficiency, making it a robust and reliable choice.


N-40: The Pool Base and Cement Enhancer

Building on the strengths of N-30, N-40 offers a larger particle size, making it ideal for pool bases and cement mixes. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly into your projects, providing a lighter, more insulative finish.

N-40’s larger particles (6-12 mesh) are optimized for mixing with cement, typically at a 4 to 1 ratio. This creates a lighter product that doesn’t compromise on strength or insulation.


The Cryogenic and Plaster Pro

N-50 is designed as a specialized cryogenic/plaster aggregate grade. This dual-purpose grade functions effectively both as an absorbent and a filler, with a precise 30/50 mesh grade tailored for specific applications.

N-50 is a testament to versatility, combining lightweight properties, insulation, and absorbency. Its multifaceted nature makes it suitable for a wide array of uses, ensuring efficiency and quality in every application.



Expanded Perlite plays a critical role in soilless growing mixes, primarily aimed at improving aeration and water retention. Its applications include:
Industrial Spill Cleanup

Industrial Spill Cleanup: Perlite absorbents are utilized in industrial environments to efficiently handle and neutralize oil, chemicals, and other hazardous spills. Their rapid absorption capacity helps prevent spill spread, ensuring a safer and cleaner workspace.

Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remediation: Perlite is widely used in environmental remediation to effectively remove contaminants from soil and water. Its high porosity allows it to capture pollutants, significantly aiding in the restoration of natural environments.

Packaging Material

Packaging Material: Perlite serves as an excellent packaging material, especially for transporting chemicals and hazardous materials. Its absorbent properties and non-reactive nature ensure that any potential leaks are contained, safeguarding both the shipment and the handling personnel.

Use Cases

Perlite's versatility makes it an indispensable component in a variety of horticultural applications:
Spill Kit

Use Case: Absorbing oil, chemicals, and other hazardous liquids in industrial settings. Perlite absorbents quickly soak up spills, preventing them from spreading and making cleanup safer and more efficient.

environmental clean-up

Use Case: Used in environmental clean-up projects to absorb contaminants from soil and water. Perlite’s high porosity makes it effective for capturing and containing environmental pollutants.

chemicals and hazardous material

Use Case: Employed as a lightweight, non-reactive packaging material for the safe transport of chemicals and hazardous materials. Its absorbent properties help contain any leaks, protecting the shipping environment and personnel.

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Use our absorbents for cleaning up spills and making lightweight mixes. They soak up liquids fast and keep your area tidy.

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