Filter Aids

Filter Aids

Precision and Purity

Norcal Perlite’s Filter Aids are a series of high-performance grades designed to enhance filtration processes across various industries. Each grade is specifically engineered to optimize the separation of solids from liquids, ensuring clarity and purity in every application. Explore the unique characteristics of our N-10, NC510, and N-20 grades, and discover how they can elevate your filtration systems to new levels of efficiency.

Our Filter Aid Perlite Products are Food Grade Certified & FCC/Codex Certified.


N-10 Grade: The Fine Filtration Specialist

The N-10 grade stands as our premier choice for fine filtration needs, particularly excelling in rotary vacuums or filter presses. Its exceptionally small and shattered particles are tailored for intricate applications that demand high precision in separating solids from liquids.

N-10’s fine particles construct a formidable cake layer, transferring the filtration workload from the septum to the perlite filter aid itself. This transition allows for efficient trapping of solids while facilitating the clean passage of liquids. In rotary vacuums, it ensures that solids are effectively separated, leaving behind a clear, purified liquid.


N-15 Grade: The Balanced Blend

Our N-15 grade represents a harmonious blend of N-10 and N-20 grades, providing a versatile solution primarily utilized in rotary vacuums. This mixed product is for users seeking a balanced filtration medium that combines the best aspects of both fine and coarse grades.

The key to NC510’s effectiveness is its ability to form a robust cake with ideal integrity. This balance is crucial as every press, application, and operator requires a slightly different approach. The NC510 adapts to these varying needs, offering a tailored cake that maintains its structure while ensuring efficient filtration.


N-20 Grade: The Coarse Clarity Provider

As our coarsest filter media, N-20 is predominantly used in filter presses, especially for wastewater applications. This grade is known for its economical value without compromising on performance.

N-20 utilizes its coarser particles to adeptly facilitate the separation process in filter presses. Its structural integrity allows for a pronounced separation of solids and liquids, resulting in clear filtrate and effective solid retention.



Silicone-treated perlite's ability to resist moisture and maintain insulation integrity makes it a preferred material for tackling challenging scenarios:
Beverage Production

Beverage Production: Perlite is employed in the beverage industry as a filtration aid, enhancing the clarity and quality of drinks. Its fine, porous nature helps remove impurities and clarify liquids without affecting taste or aroma.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Perlite is utilized in pharmaceutical manufacturing for its inert and sterile filtering capabilities. It ensures the purity and consistency of medications by effectively removing particulates and contaminants during the production process.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment: Perlite is used in water treatment facilities to enhance filtration and purification processes. Its porous structure effectively removes impurities and contaminants, ensuring clean and safe water for various uses.

use cases

Silicone-treated perlite's ability to resist moisture and maintain insulation integrity makes it a preferred material for tackling challenging scenarios:
Perlite filter aids

Use Case: Used in the clarification of beers, wines, and juices. Perlite filter aids help remove fine particulate matter, ensuring a clear and high-quality final product without altering flavor or aroma.

pharmaceutical production

Use Case: Employed in the filtration of enzymes, vitamins, and plasma in pharmaceutical production. The high purity and inert nature of perlite filter aids ensure that they do not react with the substances being filtered, maintaining the integrity and quality of pharmaceutical products.

water treatment facilities

Use Case: Utilized in municipal and industrial water treatment facilities to improve water clarity and purity. Perlite filter aids are effective in removing fine particles from water, aiding in the production of safe, clean drinking water.

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Our filter aids help separate solids from liquids, making your filtration process clearer and more pure.

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