Horticultural Vermiculite

Optimal Moisture & Nutrient Mastery

Horticultural Vermiculite is essential for precision moisture control and nutrient delivery, enhancing soil consistency and plant stability. Ideal for seed germination and root growth, it retains water and nutrients, ensuring their gradual release for optimal plant health. Experience the transformative benefits of our pure and natural Horticultural Vermiculite in your gardening endeavors.

EXPLORE OUR INDIVIDUAL horticultural vermiculite GRADES

Medium: The Transplanting Specialist

Designed for transplanting in small pots, such as vegetables and other transplanted species.

Its fine texture prevents water and air blockage in small spaces, ensuring optimal aeration and moisture retention for delicate transplanting.

Vermiculite MEDIUM

Coarse: The Versatile All-Rounder

A popular choice for soil mixers and growers, offering a balance of large particles for drainage and medium to fine particles for aeration and water retention.

Its diverse particle size makes it suitable for a wide range of horticultural applications, from soil conditioning to hydroponics.

Vermiculite COARSE

X Coarse: The Premium Choice

Similar to Coarse Grade but with fewer fines, preferred for a cleaner mix with a focus on drainage.

Delivers all the benefits of Coarse Perlite but with enhanced drainage, making it ideal for growers seeking a more refined substrate.

Vermiculite X-COARSE


Horticultural Vermiculite ability to resist moisture and maintain insulation integrity makes it a preferred material for tackling challenging scenarios:
Seed Germination

Seed Germination: Vermiculite is highly valued in horticulture for seed germination due to its ability to retain moisture and warmth. It provides a protective and growth-supportive environment, encouraging rapid and healthy seedling development.

Soil Amendment

Soil Amendment: Vermiculite is used as a soil amendment to enhance soil structure, increase water retention, and improve nutrient exchange. Its lightweight and absorbent properties help create an optimal growing environment for plants.

Root Cuttings

Root Cuttings: Vermiculite is ideal for supporting root cuttings due to its moisture-retentive and aerating properties. It facilitates the development of strong, healthy roots, essential for successful plant propagation.

use cases

Horticultural Vermiculite helps keep the soil from clumping, making it easier for roots to grow. Horticultural Vermiculite also holds nutrients and moisture while supplying the roots with plenty of oxygen to promote healthy, strong plant growth.
seed germination vermiculite

Use Case: Horticultural vermiculite is ideal for seed germination. Its ability to retain moisture and air makes it an excellent medium for sowing seeds. It helps keep the seed moist without waterlogging, promoting faster germination and healthy early growth.

Vermiculite is mixed with soil

Use Case: Vermiculite is mixed with soil to enhance its water retention and aeration capabilities. This makes it perfect for potted plants and raised garden beds, ensuring that roots receive ample oxygen and moisture necessary for robust growth.

propagation of plants

Use Case: Horticultural Vermiculite is a valuable growing source for small gardens and hydroponics. By mixing one part vermiculite, one part peat moss, and one part compost, you can make an excellent soil blend for a small garden that maximizes growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Horticultural Vermiculite is a natural mineral that helps manage water and nutrients in the soil. It’s great for making sure your plants grow healthy and strong.

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